Calvert, John: John Calvert's Lecture & Program
© John Calvert
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11",
John Calvert's Lecture & Program
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Jojn Calvert: John Calvert's Lecture

Comments: Notes from his lecture. "Secrets and Methods for all the presentations in the first session can be found in the video 16 Fascinating Effects, along with others"

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 First Session
2 Rhapsody in Smoke: smokeless version
3 The Antiquated French Drop - Improved
4 John Calvert's Original Watch Steal
5 Modern Dove Net Production
6 Wrist Rope Tie
7 Double Wrist Escape
8 Hangman's Noose
9 Cutting a Girl in Half - With Ropes
10 Zig Zag Ropes
11 Slave Chain Escape
12 Spirit Cabinet - Portable Version
13 Coffee Break

14 Second Session
15 Torn & Restored Magazine: presentation & method available on special video
16 Boo-Bob-a-Lic - Laser Beam Magic: presentation & method available on special video
27 Casper The Friendly Ghost: John Calvert's presentation of the dancing handkerchief, available to professionals by special arrangement