Cameron, Charles: Witches' Brew
©1967 Charles W. Cameron
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 36 pages
Witches' Brew
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Comments (qr): This weird concoction known as “WITCHES BREW” is offered to necromancers, sorcerers and to all those nighthawks who dabble in the strange and the mysterious. A demonical dozen effects.


3 Dedication
4 The Power Of The Pentagram: Simon Debofray’s Prediction Of Over 300 Years Ago Reveals A Strange Message
6 Out Of The Body: A Strange Potion Enables Th Occultist To Release His Astral Body And Freely Move Through Space And Time
9 Ten Talons Of Taz: The Keeper Of Ancient Mysteries, Half Man, Half Demon, Comes To Meet You
11 Power Of The Mummy: A Strip Of Grave Cloth – Apparently Indestructible Until Recovered From The Bolt Of Solomon Which Imprisons It, When It Vanishes In A Flash And A Whiff Of, Dare We Say, Brimstone
14 Ritual Of El Shaitan: One Of The Most Convincing And Frightening Demonstrations Of ‘psychic Forces’ At Work You Can Ever Present
18 Old Mother Long Nose: The Matted Hair And Scalp Of A 17th Century Edinburgh Witch Reveals Thoughts, Then Vanishes, Returning To The Grave
21 Pages From The Book Of Thoth: A Small Doll And Cards From A Tarot Pack Are Used In A Cunning Divination Plot
24 Mirror Of Fate: A Mirror, Set In A Curiously Carved Frame, Provides One Of The Seven Mystic Gateways Into The Beyond
26 Dial H … For Hell: The Performer Proves He Has A Direct Line To Hell
28 Catch Me A Demon: A Screaming Demon Rushes Around The Room Then Disappears
29 The Whispering Skull: A Parchment Enables You To Answer A Spectator’s Question And To Reveal Her Innermost Thoughts
32 Alchemists Nightmare: Lead Or Silver Into Gold, Magick Recipe Of Old … But Something Goes Wrong
33 Conclusion