Canavan, Thomas: Amazing Tricks
©2013 Dover Publications
Hardcover, 128 pages
ISBN: 9780486780344
Amazing Tricks
Image courtesy Dover Publications
Thomas Canavan: Amazing Tricks

Comments: Illustrated by David Mostyn


5 Table Tricks
The Rising Pen
Which Toy Did You Choose?
Counting Confusion
Pepper Chase
Magic Ice Hoist
Sticking Pencils
Jumping Coin
Ketchup Catch-Up
Balls of Fun

31 Comedy Magic
Shocking Straw
Bouncing Apple
Unfoldable Towel
The Sticky Spoon
Bouncing Hankie
The Wrong Card
Thimble on th eGo
Crazy Candle

51 Magical Escapes
Disappearing Coin
The Runaway Number
Vanishing Marble
Escaping Coin
Who's Watching the Watch?
Goofy Grapes
Elastic Band Jump
Thimble Mystery

71 Magical Illusions
Spoon Bend
Ping-Pong Palm
The Plastic Wand
Disappearing Straw
The Restored Napkin
Floating Water
Saw The Lady in Half
Where's the Orange?
Elastic Band Up the Nose

93 Brain Games
Mind Reading
Matching Answers
Coin Detector
Show Me Your Mind!
X-Ray Vision
The Count os Six
And the Year Is...
Stop the Pulse!
Crazy Crayons

111 Number Magic
Calendar Addition
Give Me Five!
Numbers on the Brain
Eleven Fingers
Surprising Sum
See-Through Dice
Human Calculator
Exactly the Same Number
Missing Domino