Cannell, John Clucas: The Secrets of Houdini
©1931 Hutchinson & Co. Ltd, London;
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 279 pages
ISBN: 0486229130

©1973 Dover Publications
Cannell: Secrets
              of Houdini
Dover Edition
Image courtesy Dover Publications

Comments: History, stories and tricks from Harry Houdini. Dover reprint adds 24 new illustrations.


11 Chapter I Harry Houdini, His Life Story
13 Famous Spiritual Leader Who Became His Friend
20 Accident Which Brought Him a Life Partner
21 Early Struggles
22 Ultimate Triumph and Premature Death

25 Chapter II 25 Houdini's Spectacular Escapes
26 His Remarkable Failure at the Magician's Club
28 Escape from Bank-Safe
33 Boiler Escape
36 Paper Bag Release
39 Mail Bag Too
41 Through a Brick Wall
45 Buried Alive
49 From an Iron Box
51 Out of a Sack
53 Packing Case Under Water
56 The Vanishing Horseman
57 Box and Sack
59 Needles and Thread
60 Vanishing Elephant
61 The Mystery of the Milk Can

63 Chapter III Houdini's Spiritualist Activities
65 A Sulky Spirit
67 Secrets of the Locked Box
71 Mental Evidence
74 A Liner Mystery: Mystifying Passengers In a Liner
78 Spirit Writing on Sealed Slates
83 The Mystery of the Newspapers
85 Ghosts and How to Make Them
87 Table Lifting
100 Spirits Defy Bonds
106 Messages In Blood
109 Personal Seance Experiences

115 Chapter IV Fakir Wonders
115 Miracles Which Houdini Exposed - My Researches
116 Stopping the Pulse At Will
118 Walking on Fire and Broken Glass
119 Thought Reading
121 Houdini as Clairvoyant
124 The Indian Rope Tick
126 The Boy In the Basket
128 The Mystery of the Mango Tree
129 Sand and Water
131 Nailing a Fakir to Wooden Blocks

132 Chapter V Houdini as Handcuff King
133 How He Baffled the Police Forces of the World
143 A Russian Prison on Wheels
149 Impudent Rival Put to Flight
155 The Cleverness of Simplicity

161 Chapter VI Rope Ties and How to Escape from Them
165 The Jacoby Tie
169 The Thumb Tie
174 Bow Tied in a Second
177 Magic Knots
179 Imitation Tomfool Knot
181 More About Spirits
183 A Trick Done Backwards
184 The Girl Escapes
186 Spirit Knots
188 The Kellar Tie
191 Ropes and Rings
196 Mystery String

200 Chapter VII Miscellaneous Magic
200 The Ring and the Dove
201 The Disappearing Glass of Wine
202 The Ivory Pillars
202 Cut String Restore
204 The Bowl of Ink
206 The Coin Finder
207 The Watch and the Loaf
210 The Pierced Hand
217 Vanishing From a Box and Cabinet
218 The Mystery of the Crystal

220 Chapter VIII Illusions and Disillusion
220 Disappearing Man
221 The Veiled Woman
222 An Escape in Mid-Air
222 The Caged Woman
223 Girl and The Dominoes
224 Fire and Water
225 Illusions With Mirrors
226 The Country Girl
227 The Hammock
227 The Arbour

238 Chapter IX Card Tricks
238 Examples of Thought Reading
239 A Code
242 Magnetic Aces
243 The Jumping Cards
243 The Change-Over
245 A Feat of Strength
245 The Boomerang Card
246 Cutting The Cards
246 The Torn Card
247 Vanishing Cards By Pistol
254 The Four Aces
276 The Herschell Card Stabbing Trick