John Carey: Me, My Cards and I
Carey, John: Me, My Cards and I
©2017 John Carey, Haresign Press, U.K.
Hardcover, no dj, 149 pages
              Carey: Me, My Cards and I
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Comments: Design and Illustration by Phillip Smith. Despite the title, not just card tricks.

Contents (from book):

3 Introduction

7 Ritualistica: three cards match
10 Sweet Simplicity: card at any number plot
12 Fortune Teller: card revelation around a reading
14 Equicoins: the chosen coin is predicted
16 Bluffer!: producing the Aces
17 ESP Do As I Do: using two sets of five symbols
18 A Simple Holdout: Magician gets the high card
19 Dummy Run: Do-as-I-Do using the Jim Swain Dummy Force
21 Random Thoughts #1: focus on the spectator's experience
22 Streamlined Prediction: cards
26 Colour Me In!: Color changing deck
28 Hands Off Oil & Water: cards
30 Deja Boo!: impromptu cards
33 Opening Time!: Open prediction combined with Card At Any Number
36 Triple Prediction: with cards and envelope
38 Oh Baby!!!: version of the Baby Gag
40 Teleport: A Signed Card To Envelope
42 Test Conditions Card Force
44 Time Traveller: classic wrong card right card in a time travel theme
46 Ambitious O'Henry: packet effect
48 Redford Unplugged: version of Patrick Redford's Ternion Unplugged with regular deck
50 The Lazy Magician!: a recording predicts the card selection
51 Follow Me Follow You: using two different color decks
52 Sync 2.0: updated Think N Sync mental effect with cards
54 Kaleidoscope: commercial card effect to keep in your wallet
56 CAAN You Believe It?
58 CAAN Lite!: no deck of cards needed; uses on specially printed card
60 Thoughts In A Box: Any card to impossible location
62 Thoughts In A Box #2: another version using sleight of hand
64 Pateo Production: mentalism piece using two small purses and several small objects
66 Multiple Bluff Control: card control
68 Your Thoughts Are Mine: thought-of card plot
70 Scattered!: card effect with the Queens
72 Stealth Prediction: using the 9 force
74 One Hand And One Card: one handed card to pocket
76 MarloCAAN: CAAN with credit to Marlo
78 On The Up Up Up: ambitious card script
80 Empowered: spectator as magician card plot
82 Homage To Tamariz: full deck control or false shuffle
84 Advice For New Magicians: don't be in a hurry
85 Quaudincidence!: cards
87 Bullets On The Table: four Ace production
89 Objectivity: mental piece using 9 business cards
91 When Two Minds Meet: thought-of card plot
94 AKA Triumph: cards
97 Thought Buster: detour to the Thought-of-Card effect
99 A Perfect Six!: unique effect using a lottery ticket
102 Just A Thought: small packet mental mystery
104 Just A Thought 2.0: another version
106 Bluff Dribble Force
107 The Unknown Future: mystery card plot
109 When Two Hearts: romance theme card trick
111 Little Vernon: simple version of Vernon's Out of Sight Out of Mind card effect
113 He Who Knows: Spectator demonstrates mind reading ability
115 Listen In!: Spectator divines how much money is in a coin purse
117 Futuristic: another mystery card plot
119 Ambitious Interchange: pocket interchange card effect
121 Think Again?!?: variation of the card in matchbox
123 Pin Cracker!: Spectator cracks your PIN number
125 The Isolation Force
126 Think A Force
127 The One And Only: commercial card effect
128 Stealth Cull: card control
130 Tabled Convincing Control
132 Mental Rosini: small packet version
134 - Bonus Routine!
135 That's Inflation!: coin routine suitable as an opener, uses a Jumbo coin
137 Choice And Chance: card production effect
139 What Is The Real Work?: An Essay
141 CAANY!: revisiting the 9 force
142 Rioboo Style: inspired by Ramon Rioboo
145 International Hanging Coins: version that eliminates the edge grip
147 Slow Motion Copper Silver: using a purse, two half dollars, and English Penny
149 Final Words