Chandler: Chandler's Magical Mysteries
Chandler, Howard: Chandu's Magical Varieties
©1970 Harold Chandler; Micky Hades Publications
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 35 pages
Harold Chndler: Chandu's Magical Varieties
Image courtesy Hawthorn Books

Comments: According to, this book was originally published in New Zealand sa "Let's Make Magic"


3 Foreword
4 The Spider King
8 The Rising Silks
9 The Rainbow Lamp
12 Two Rising Ideas
15 Finale Banner Stand
17 The Blushing Bunnie
20 Hieroglyphics
21 New-Old Packing Case
24 Buttercups and Daises
27 Mission Impossible
30 Gift-O-Mat
34 Gag Lines