David Charvet: Willard, a Life Under Canvas
Charvet, David: Willard, a Life Under Canvas
©2008 David D. Charvet, Mike Cavaney's Magic Words, CA
Hardcover, no dj, 11x8.5", 370 pages
ISBN: 0-915181-39-8
David Charvet: Willard, a Life Under Glass
Image courtesy Don's Magic and Books

Comments: Also with Frances Williard, Madeline Willard, and Eugene Willard. Number 14 in the Magical Pro-Files series. Reguar limited edition to 1000 copies; Deluxe edition to 150 copies. Illustrated with 276 B&W and color photographs. The "ultimate behind the scenes story of a traveling tent show as told by those who lived it."

Contents (from book ToC):

13 Publisher’s Note (Mike Caveney)
15 Foreword (David Charvet)
19 Preface

21 Chapter 1 The First Willard
37 Chapter 2 Texas and the Rise of the Tent Show
49 Chapter 3 The Second Wizard and Tragedy in Cincinnati
61 Chapter 4 The Making of the Third Wizard
89 Chapter 5 New Found Joy and the Fourth Wizard
141 Chapter 6 On His Own
165 Chapter 7 Reliving the Willard Show
241 - Color Plates
255 Chapter 8 Downward Spiral
296 Chapter 9 Rock Bottom
339 Chapter 10 Legend
355 Chapter 11 Legacy

361 Bibliography
363 Acknowledgements
365 Index