Chavel: Reelistic Magic
Chavel (compiler): Reelistic Magic
©1956 Harry Stanley Unique Magic Studio, WI
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 34 pages
Chavel: Reelistic Magic
Image courtesy Hinch Books

Comments: I believe there are three general versions of the book. The first is the 1941 Reel Magic by Albenice. The first of the Reelistic Magic editions either has no author listed or states "compiled by Chavel" on the cover and is published by Harry Stanley, with 30 pages of text and 5 pages of drawings. A later edition by Lewis Ganson includes B&W photos and a few additional effects. The Abenice and Ganson book contents are listed separately.

Contents (from book)

1 Reelistic Magic: introduction
1 The Reel: the Unique reel described
1 Re-Threading the Reel

2 Card Tricks
2 The Rising Cards: selected cards rise one at a time from a glass
5 Card On Ribbon (Albenice): torn card appears restored instantly on a ribbon

6 With Handkerchiefs
6 The Serpent Silk (Albenice): silk unties itself on a rope
7 Visible Self-Tying Silk (Albenice): silk ties itself
8 The Naughty Knot (Albenice): knot unties itself while ends are held in the hands
8 Visible 20th Century Silks (Albenice): version using a reel

9 Penetration Effects With Handkerchiefs
9 Penetro (Albenice): ring melts through a silk
11 Penetrable Silk (Spalding): handkerchief penetrates a cane
11 Lightning Chair Penetration: penetrates chair rung
12 Single Handed Chair Penetration
13 Impossible Floating Handkerchief (Henry Bohlan): hoop can be passed over

15 With Rope
15 Serpent Rope: use a rope instead of silk
15 Snap Rope Restoration (Chavel): two ropes join to one
17 Variation on Snap Rope Restoration (Wilfred Bader)
18 Determined Knot (Chavel): knot is removed from rope but flies back
19 Acrobatic Knot (Chavel): knot is slid down rope and slowly climbs back up

20 With Cigarettes
20 Repeat Vanish Cigarette (Chavel): vanishes from hand
22 Where's That Cigarette? (Wilfred Bader): cigarette vanishes from mouth

22 Miscellaneous Magic
22 Button, Button, Who's Got the Button (Nat Louis): button vanishes from hand, coat can be removed and effect repeated
24 The Magnetized Wand: wand adheres to the fingers
25 Ring Up...Ring Down: borrowed ring rises and falls on a pencil
25 Sight and Touch Vanish (James F. Herpick): coin held by spectator in fold of trousers vanishes
27 Flying Ten Shilling Note: flies across the table
27 Thimble Vanish (Chavel): vanishes and reappears
29 The Elusive Ten Shilling Note (James P. Herpick): bill to bill tube

30 Price List
31 Drawings: pages of illustration to page 35