Marion / Marian Chavez: Encyclopedia of Dove Magic
Chavez, Marian (Marion): Encyclopedia of Dove Magic
©1968 Marian Chavez
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 206 pages
Marian Chavez: Encyclopedia of Dove Magic
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Comments: Marian's first name appears to have been misprinted on the cover of this first edition Encyclopedia of Dove Magic. There is a second edition listed separately as the contents appear to be expanded. Marian's stage name was "Dolorys"; she was the wife of Ben Chavez.

Contents (from book ToC):

i Foreword (Channing Pollack)
15 The Care And Feeding
26 The Dove Workers Assistant
33 Training Is A Two Way Street
39 Cartoon
41 Dove First Aid
48 The Audience
60 How To Get Applause
65 Presentation
71 Tinting The Dove
76 Dove Productions By Photo
84 The Dove Harnesses And Holders
95 Displaying Your Doves
104 Training Of The Doves
115 Top Hat Magic
121 General Dove Effects
131 Dove Productions
146 Port Folio
170 Cartoon
172 Box Magic For Doves
203 Take Your Audience With You