Chesbro, Verne: Ultimate Color Separation No. 2
©1964 Verne Chesbro
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 37 pages
Ultimate Color
              Separation No. 2
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Verne Chesbro: Ultimate Color Separation No. 2

Comments: Follow-up to Ultimate Color Separation No. 1. From the back cover: "This is not a card trick, but a professional routine packed with new ideas, which will astound magicians. There is not one tricky move but the cards change color continuously time after time. Each change is fairer and more astonishing than the last until the stunning climax is reached."


2 Chapter I The Elmsley Count
3 Chapter II Modified Elmsley Count
4 Chapter III Hand Alternation
5 Chapter IV Acrobatic Jokers
8 Chapter V The Duplicator Principle
11 Chapter VI Follow the Colors #1
15 Chapter VII Color Control
16 Chapter VIII Suspense
18 Chapter IX Instant Alternation
19 Chapter X Streamlined U.C.S.
22 Chapter XI Plunger
25 Chapter XII Bill Miesel's Colored Oil and Water
30 Chapter XIII Instant Separation
32 Chapter XIV Red Oil and Blue Water
33 Chapter XV The Restless Colors
35 Chapter XVI Double Visible Transposition