Verne Chesbro: Ultimate Color Separation
Chesbro, Verne: Ultimate Color Separation
©1963 Verne Chesbro, Magic, Inc., Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 40 pages
Verne Chesbro: Ultimate Color Separation
Image courtesy ebay seller KochMagic

Comments: Oil and Water variations. Came with a special set of cards with Joker faces in Red and Black. I believe the original printing did not state "No. 1", as at the time there was no second volume.

Contents (from book):

1 Foreword (Verne Chesbro)
2 Ultimate Color Separation: four black and four red cards are mixed but continue to separate
4 The Elmsley Count: counting four as four
6 The Veeser Count: duplicates the effect of the Elmsley Count
7 A Sample Routine

13 Chapter II Mixes and Stacks

16 Chapter III Mixes and Stacks for the Middle and End

18 Chapter IV Impossibilities of the End Mixes

20 Chapter V Advanced Routines
20 The Random Method
21 Using Packets after EC
22 Third Version
22 Fourth Version
22 Fifth Version
23 Variation on the End Mix
23 Subterfuges for the Switch

27 Chapter VI
27 Spelling the Colors
29 Spelling With no Arrangement
29 Setting Up the Stacks
29 Variation on Alternate Deal
29 Another Spell

30 Chapter VII
30 Color Separation A La Carte
30 The Veeser Concept
31 Up and Down: direct method
32 Switheroo
32 Bottoms Up
33 Old Rocking Chair
34 Shocker Finale
37 Anti Oil and Water Finale

37 Chapter VIII
37 One-at-a-Time Color Separation
38 At Random
39 Continuous Mix

40 Conclusion