Chislett, T.H.: Spirits in the House
©1949 Goodliffe, England
Hardcover, 5x7.5", 118 pages
Spirits In The
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T.H. Chislett: Spirits In the House

Comments: This book describes, with full explanations, a magic show that Chislett and his wife gave in their home in England for twenty years. Chislett takes you through the whole programme, from the assembly of the guest to their departure (the performance lasted over two hours).


Contents (Chapters only):

5 Part One
7 Chapter One Mainly Introductory
20 Chapter Two The Show Commences
28 Chapter Three The Floating Ball
41 Chapter Four Enter the Spirits
50 Chapter Five Crystal Gazing
56 Chapter Six Voodoo
59 Chapter Seven Talking Kettle and Talking Skull
77 Chapter Eight Thought Transference
80 Chapter Nine The Spirit Painting Illusion

91 Part Two
91 Chapter Ten Alternative Methods and Effects

117 Envoi