Christianer, Louis: Effective Tricks
©1915 F.G. Thayer, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5x7", 16 pages
Effective Tricks
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Louis Christianer: Effective Tricks


Contents (from book):

1 Foreword
3 The Flag, Cone and Ball: ball, cone and silk trick
4 The Mystic Number: card pips locate selection
6 The New Clock Trick: clock vanishes and is found under a hat
7 A Trick With Tissue Paper: torn and restored
9 The Mandarin Sticks of Fung Chu: variation of vanishing wand
10 The Torn and Restored Paper Napkin: another
12 The Card and Orange Trick: pieces of torn card found in orange, except for the saved corner
13 The Card and Envelope: card selection transposes with one in envelope
14 Tobacco, Water and Silks: water replaces tabacco in can, dry silks are produced, water is poured out, and tobacco is found back in the can
16 The Coin, Cards and Glass (Mr. S.H. Robinson): card thru deck of cards into a glass