Christianer, Louis F.: More Effective Card Tricks
©1919 E.F. Rybolt
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5x.7", 24 pages
More Effective Card Tricks
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Louis F. Christianer: More Effect Card Tricks


Contents (from book):

3 The Card and the Frame: selected card vanishes and is found in frame
4 The Cards and Hat: selected cards vanish from deck to appear in hat
6 The Card and the Plate: torn card appears restored stuck to a plate
8 The Mystic Addition: double prediction of five chosen cards
11 The Flying Card: card vanishes from deck to appear in envelope
13 The Traveling Cards: three selected cards vanish from deck to appear in magicians' pocket, one at a time
15 The Five Cards: selection vanishes from packet to be found in performer's pocket
16 The Top Card: selection appears face up on top of deck
17 The Double Reverse: selection appears face up when deck is dropped, and when dropped again, it changes into a 2nd selection
19 The Four Kings: production of the four Kings separated into the deck
20 The Obedient Card: Two Aces are tossed into the air and return to the deck, with selection found between them
21 Face Up: selection appears face up as cards are dealt
22 The Four Ace Trick: Aces assemble
24 An Improvement: selection appears in any position in deck, face up