Christianer, Louis F.: More Effective Tricks
©1916 A.M. Wilson, M.D., MO
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5x7", 40 pages
More Effective Tricks
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Louis F. Christianer: More Effective Tricks


Contents (from book):

1 Preface
3 The Candle, Die and Handkerchief: die vanishes and replaces a candle under a handkerchief, etc.
6 The Flower Box: production box
8 The New Ring and Egg Trick: borrowed finger ring vanishes and is found in an egg
10 The Handkerchief and Decanter: handkerchief place in a bag is shot at, vanishes, and appears in a decanter
11 The Die and Apple: Die and Apple transposition
13 The Card in the Pocket: chosen card appears in magicians pocket
15 The Orange, Ring and String: borrowed ring is found in orange in box with a string running through it
18 The Six Coin Trick: coins pass from hand to hand
20 The Clock Production an apparatus trick
21 Where's The King? A simple Find the Lady type effect
23 The Spots Trick: a paddle trick
24 Use for the Card Windlass: rising card
26 The Coffee Canister: a cylinders trick
28 Your Trick: spectator works the card trick
30 A Card Detection: selection rises from the deck
31 The Vanishing Chimes: another apparatus trick
33 The Wandering Card and Envelope: card selection vanishes and is found in signed envelope
35 The Handkerchief and the Die: a die transposes with handkerchiefs under a cylinder
36 A Tissue Paper Mystery: colored paper tear mystery
39 Moves With the Ball and Vase: ideas for this classic