Christianer, Louis F: New Magical Conceptions
©1919 Louis F. Christianer, F.G. Thayer, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5x7.5", 19 pages
New Magical Conceptions
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Louis F. Christianer: New Magical Conceptions


Contents (from book):

3 Foreword
5 The Flying Handkerchief and Cigarets [sic]: pack of cigarettes transposes with a handkerchief
7 The Ring and Paper Napkin: after dinner trick
8 A Clever Card Trick: a Stop trick
9 The Paper Napkin and Candle: torn napkin restores while candle vanishes
11 Count the Cards: card location
12 The Flying Silks and Jar of Confetti: confetti to milk and more
14 Ring, Bran and Egg: ring and ribbon vanish, to be found together inside an egg
16 The Conjuror's Touch: magician pulls card selections out of a make-shift bag
18 My Favorite Trick: 1st card selection rises to top of deck, put under foot, then changes to 2nd selection