Christianer, Louis F.: Original Deceptions
©1919 E.F. Rybolt, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5x7", 24 pages
Original Deceptions
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Louis F. Christianer: Original Deceptions


Contents (from book):

3 Wandering Block and Flying Silks: cylinders and silk routine for platform
5 The 'Flash' Paper Tearing Trick: torn and restored and vanish in a flash
6 The Card in the Envelope: for stage
8 The Handkerchiefs, Cone and Water: a liquid transposition effect
9 A Startling Card Trick: card selections vanish and appear in a deck wrapped in ribbon
11 The Die, The Bran and Orange: another transposition effect
13 A Bewildering Die Trick: Die vanishes to appear in a hat, and more
16 A Flag From a Thimble: with a clever gimmick
18 A New Card in the Egg Trick: with special egg cup
19 A Brilliant Card and Watch Combination: card selection appears inside a borrowed watch case, with the watch works appearing in a frame
22 A Card Discovery: selected card appears in blood red on back of hand
23 The Thought Card: spectator chooses a card fanned, and magician deals one at a time from behind back, stopping at selection