Christianer, Louis F.: Selected Tricks
©1923 F.G. Thayer, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5x7", 21 pages
Selected Tricks
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Louis F. Chrisianer: Selected Tricks


Contents (from book):

3 Die and Double Boxes: for platform
4 The Divining Card: two selections made and returned to deck; a card is selected and boomeranged back into the deck, where card is found between the two selections
6 Flowers and Doves: for stage; brief description
7 Correcting a Mistake: Four cards should match, but don't, and then they do
9 A Clever Coin Move: back-clip vanish
11 Hit it Hard: deck hit too hard and selection moves to bottom rather than selected postion, and then it moves to the selected position
12 The Flying Handkerchief: silk vanishes to be found in paper cylinder
14 Two Coin Moves: a dime changes to a dollar coin, and a coin vanish
15 An Effective Card Trick: series of changes and forces
16 Flying Ink and Silk: ink and silks transposition
18 The Four Aces Again: a version of the De Kolta rising cards
20 Twenty-Five Cards: as the magician deals the cards, the selection drops face up