Christopher, Milbourne: 100 Latest Tips and Tricks
©1953 Louis Tannen, NY
©1981 D. Robbins & Co., NY (reprint)
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 41 pages
100 Latest Tips and
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Milbourne Christopher: 100 Latest Tips and Tricks

Comments: Illustrations by Ed Mishell. A further collection of quick tricks, gags, comedy bits, and ideas for your magic. The two other books in the series are Tips and Tricks and More Tips and Tricks. 41 pages plus ads.


2 Preface
3 One Man's Opinion: comedy intro
3 Costly Cover: gag
4 A Funny Bill Bit
4 Smooth Floating Ball: tip
4 Karger's Coin Stack: using a photographic gadget for a cone
4 Through the Ribbon: tip
5 Cigarette Machine: change bag idea
5 Coin Catching Comedy: gag for your Miser's Dream
5 Flash TV Frame: idea for flash wand
5 Brainwave Deck Gag: for magicians
6 Baker Slate Tip: tip
6 Much Into Little: idea for milk pitcher
6 Torn Center Tip: tip
7 Buzz Saw Ideas: presentation idea
7 Four Ink Spots: gag
8 Move for Mentalists: reading the center tear
8 Knife Through Coat: gag
9 Shooting a Candle: gun gags
9 Bubble Gum Magic: kid show routine
10 Squaring the Circle: tips
11 Silk In Box: Clint Riedel's "Orchids to You" box
11 Three Messages: with a Massey Slate
11 Vanishing Beer: a gag and a trick
12 Coin Advertising: advertising idea
12 Another Coin Ad: idea
13 Salt Passe: clever reappearing salt
13 Transparent Passe Passe: make your own
13 Massey Slate Tip: slate gag
14 Plastic Spray: tip
14 Baker Advice: toobs
14 Knot Trick: tip for Dissolving Knot Gimmick
14 Pormor Magic: clever M.C. gag
15 Silk Race: You Do As I Do
15 Reel Knot: appearing knot improvement
15 Shooting Surprise: idea for shooting wand presentation
16 Slat Frame Stunt: Idea for Ralson's Slat Card Frame
16 Eye Flashes: make-up idea
16 Magic Bar Secret: tip for Any Drink Called For
17 Devano Rising Cards: presentation
17 Mirror Magic: for Vampire Flexible Glass trick
17 Mistletoe Magic: kisses magic
18 Through the Button Hole: for folding half
19 Scotch Tape Holder: tip
19 Drinking a Full Glass: gag with Wonder Glass
19 Ribbon Fantastique: for Massey's ribbon release
20 Silk Surprise: a silk trick
20 Quick Tricks: with a magazine
21 Card in Ball: Holiday idea
21 Match to Dollar: with Match to Flower gimmick
21 Hollow Egg Idea: idea
22 Christmas Card Trick: double-lift
22 Sponge Ball Idea: appearance with a pencil
22 Birthday Cake: idea
23 Colored Flashpaper: tips & ideas
23 That Trick Again: idea
24 Walnut Wizardry: quick trick
24 Flash Bill Idea: for cup & ball
24 Egg Surprise: for sucker egg trick
25 Fire and Water: trick idea
25 Daub Tip: tip
25 Copenetro Hint: tip
26 Broken Match: trick improvement
26 Wooden Nickels: advertising idea
26 Burning Mystery: bill doesn't burn
27 For Magician's Only: gag
27 Big Hand: gag
27 M.C. Item: gag
27 Finger Tip Tip: for burnt cigarette
28 Flower Freshener: tip
28 Tobacco and Salt: quick trick
28 Plum Pudding Pan: gag
29 Watch Winder Comedy: idea
29 Santa's Hat: for Egg Bag
29 XMas Rose Bush: idea for your mechanical rose bush
29 Square Circle Tree: production idea
30 Icy Finish: for sponge ball routine
30 Flower Production: spring flower idea
30 Christmas Thoughts: mentalism idea
31 Zola's Curious Coke: presentation for hydrostatic bottle
32 Lighted Tree Production: quick trick
32 Fixing Celluloid: tip
33 Production Box: empty to full stocking
33 One Ahead: comedy mentalism
33 Nail Writer: quick trick
33 Nest of Boxes: idea
33 Hippity Hop Rabbit: tip
34 Flower Trick: presentation
34 Double Sucker Effect: torn and restored napkin idea
34 Coin Switch: with rubber TT
35 Flowery Finish: to flowers
35 Cane Conjuring: Russ Walsh appearing cane
35 Character Cards: idea for trick in Magic At Your Fingertips
36 Peculiar Pipe: quick trick
37 Rubber Thumb Tip: idea
37 Ashes Away: flash idea
37 Shower of Sweets: idea
38 Ash Tray Comedy: gag
38 Trouser Leg Steals: tips
38 Flosso Tip: for gaffing cards
39 Present Production: gift production
39 Breakaway Fan Idea: idea
39 Haunted Horn: for Amedeo's Haunted Horn
40 Fish Surprise: for Bill Vanish Tube
40 Light Please: gag
40 Subway Sorcery: gag
41 Pencil Pass: for Jimmy Herpick's Phantom Pencils
41 Dial-X: for the Grant-Reynolds Dial-X