Christopher, Milbourne: Fifty Tricks With a Thumb Tip
1948, 1976 D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 24 pages
Milbourne Christopher: 50 Tricks With a Thumb Tip
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Comments: Many entries are short and to the point

Contents: (from book, most titles are self-explanatory)

3 Introduction (Hen Fetsch)
3 Thumb Tip Magic: About the Thumb Tip
4 Burning a Handkerchief: longer explanation
5 Making Money: one bill is produced from finger tips, then multiplies to many
5 Ribbons From Nowhere: variation with ribbons
5 Burning a Napkin: idea
6 Burning a Tablecloth: idea
6 Fire-Proof Thumb: cigarette tip doesn't burn thumb or handkerchief, must be done with a metal TT!
6 Conjuring Up Candy (Fetsch): salt, sugar, paper poured into fist results in a candy poured out
7 Living or Dead: mentalist test with a modified TT
7 Cards Controlled: variation on above
7 Vanishing a Dime: coin vanish
7 Indestructible Match: broken match is restored
8 Spirit Rapping Hand: TT used to enhance mystery tapping
9 Thumb Tie with Rubber Bands: TT used to enable an escapable Thumb Tie
9 Chapman's Taped Thumbs (Frank Chapman): Using adhesive tape
10 Dollar in Banana
10 Bill In Soft Roll: variation of dollar in banana
11 Bill In Hard Crust Roll: another variation
10 Reimer's Ribbon Cut (Rudy Reimer): Pieces of ribbon are strung together, wound on the finger, and signed. When unwound, the string is one piece
11 The Severed String (Rudy Reimer): variation of above
12 Spirit Knots (Hen Fetsch): another variation
12 The Mysterious Cord: string passes from one dollar cone to another
12 Cigarette to String: use to change from cigarette magic to string trick
13 Silken Dollars: pulling thread from bills
13 Inflated Money (Huburt Lambert): dimes poured from dollar
13 Waterproof Greenback: water pours into rolled-up dollar but dollar remains dry
13 Waterproof Variation: improved
14 Burning a Dollar: burnt and restored marked bill
14 Spots That Pass: from thumb to thumb
15 Bill In Nested Envelope: quick tip
15 Solid Sugar: granulated sugar to cube
15 Silk Switch: between envelopes
16 Quick Change: another variation
16 Bank Night (Hen Fetsch): only the magician's envelope contains the bill
16 Annemann Move (Annemann): for mentalist routine
17 The Vanishing Card (Franciscus): vanishing the torn pieces
17 The Vanishing Cigarette (Walter Gibson): lighted!
18 Full Size Cigarette Vanish
18 Flash Tip: with a flash!
18 Silk Production: from empty hand
19 Confetti to Silk
19 Allen's Tie Trick: with lighted cigarette
20 A Tannen Tip (Lou Tannen): on ditching the TT
20 Knots Untied: vanishing string
20 The Cut Restored: quick idea
20 Bill In Purse: with a coin purse
21 Amazing Prediction: sealed in envelope
21 Thumb Stretching: extreme
22 Bill In Shot Glass: vanished bill found in covered shot glass
22 Bill In Egg: bill found in egg
23 Sealed Envelope Reading: messy but effective
24 Recommended Tricks & Books