Christopher, Milbourne: Houdini A Pictorial Life
Also Houdini A Pictorial Biography
©1976 Milbourne Christopher
Published by Thomas E. Crowell Co., NY
1998 Gramercy Books, NY
Hardcover, 220 pages
Houdini A Pictorial
1976 Thomas E. Crowell Co. Edition
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Houdini, a Pictorial
1998 Gramercy Books Edition
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Comments: Over 250 illustrations

Contents:(Chapters Only)

1 Chapter 1 Master of Manacles
29 Chapter 2 Sensational Escapes
61 Chapter 3 First to Fly Over Australia
85 Chapter 4 The Film Maker
119 Chapter 5 Conan Doyle and the Spirits
145 Chapter 6 Houdini the Magician
189 Appendix
210 Acknowledgements and Sources
212 Bibliography
216 Index