Christopher, Milbourne: Magic from M-U-M
©1954 Milbourne Christopher, Society of American Magicians
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 44 pages
Magic from
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5 The Sequacious Spades (Dr. Jacob Daley)
9 The Cut Thought (Normen Jensen)
9 A Force of Another Color (Roger Barkann)
11 Astro-Prediction (Dr. Jaks)
12 The Skull Tells (Marvin Roy)
13 State Line (James Hume)
14 Biblio-Fool (Edgar Heyl)
15 Clipboard Peek (Lieut R.W. Hafler)
16 The Key to Success (Joe Karson)
18 Your Fortune Madame (Ace Gorham)
19 Possibility (Scotty Hooton)
21 New Penny Old Dime (George G. Kaplan)
22 Remarkable Ring Release (Fitch Cheney)
24 Track Trickery (William W. Larsen)
25 Striking Trick (Hen Fetsch)
26 Harlequinade (Arnold Belais)
28 Perplexing Pearls (Rute Dore)
29 Bank Night (Dr. Harlan Tarbell)
31 Darn It (Lou Tannen)
33 Billiard Ball Production (Warren J. Kaps)
34 Silk Through Rope (Jack Miller)
35 Rope Routine (Fred Richard)
36 Two White Doves (Okito)
37 Solid Through Solid (Sigmar the Magician)
39 The Expanding Egg (Herman Hanson)
40 Duck Easel Production (Aubrey)
42 A Practical Finale (Magician's Advisory Services of Lima, NY)