Christopher, Milbourne (editor): The Sphinx Golden Jubilee Book of Magic
1951 Sphinx Pub. Corp, NY
Softcover, perfect-bound, 128 pages

Also published as:

50 Years of Great Magic - The Golden Years
Flosso Hornmann Magic Co.

Sphinx Golden Jubilee Book of Magic
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50 Years of Great
              Magic The Golden Years
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Milbourne Christopher: Sphinx Golden Jubilee Book of
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Comments: Illustrated by Sid Lorraine. "A Selection of Tricks from the Pages of the Magazine".


3 Preface: Milbourne Christopher
5 Introduction: John Mulholland

7 The Ne Plus Ultra Cabinet (Kellar): stage illusion
9 A Sleight and a Force (David Devant): eliminating the pass and forcing three cards
10 Freezing Ice in the Hand (Long Tack Sam): Not real ice
12 Potato Jones (Horace Goldin): escape from a box of potatoes
14 The Mysterious Lemon Trick (Alexander "The Man Who Knows"): card is found in lemon and torn corner matches
15 Baffles' Novel Production Ball Fake (Charles R. Bruch): for multiplying Billiard Balls
16 The Oracle (David T. Bambert - Fu Manchu): a card trick involving a fortune "reading"
18 Neato Silk (Paul Rosini): handkerchief vanishes and appears in a glass
19 The Imaginary Rubber Band (Nate Leipzig): the invisible band in a hat is demonstrated
21 The Self-Extricating Card (Houdini): selection is impaled on a pencil, but transposes with card in the deck
22 Yank-A-Hank (Ross Bertram): quarter vanishes when folded into a handkerchief, and is found back inside
24 A Useful "Number" Trick (Edward Victor): a counting card trick
25 Rope Decapitation (Isida Tenkai): thru the neck
26 The Gwynne Production Box (Jack Gwynne): for rabbits, etc.
28 Berland's One Cup Ball Routine (Sam Berland): a one cup and ball routine with a ball, a glass, and a paper cup and large load and surprise finale
31 The Vanishing Cigarette (Jarrow): lit cigarette vanishes in the hand
33 The Time Is (Herman Yerger): a clever business card gag
34 A Great Production (Blackstone): tub, water, and duck production
36 Liquid Change (Carlton King): Wine and water trick
37 Flash Bill Stunt (Dr. J.G.F. Holston): gag for a money machine
38 Card Spelling DeLuxe (George G. Kaplan): clever stacked deck effect
39 The Boudoir of the Dancing Girl (T. Page Wright and William Larsen): stage illusion
42 Flowers and Watch (Ed Reno): Vanished watch is found in pot of flowers
44 A Tube of Many Mysteries (Dr. E.G. Ervin): a versatile production tube
46 Chinese Money Trick (Silent Mora): vanishing coin effect using three unique Chinese coins
48 Your Card, Sir? (Jean Hugard): a trick with a torn deck
50 Billiard Ball Manipulation (Herr Jansen - Dante): getting the first ball
52 Number Please (Theo Annemann): partner mentalism
54 A Hat Load (Birch): for the first load
56 Comedy Cigarette (Lu Brent): cigarette gag
56 The Ramo Samee Card Trick (Dai Vernon): selection determined from Poker hands
58 The Napkin Ashes (Joe Rukus): a visible burnt and restored napkin
59 Laurant Cashes His Own Check (Eugene Laurant): check is burnt and turns into money
60 The Hanson Kewpie Doll Illusion (Harman Hanson): doll to live girl illusion
63 Penetration Deluxe (Keith Clark): cigarette penetrates handkerchief
65 Martin's Twelve Card Trick (Tommy Martin): Tommy's version of Cards Up the Sleeve
69 An Alcohol Rub (Howard Savage): a spiritualistic trick
70 Jack Trepel's Telephone Book Trick (Jack Trepel): as it sounds!
72 Levante Flowers from Cone (Les Levante): tons of flowers from a cornucopia
74 Find the Lady (P.C. Socar): card trick
76 The Weigh of All Flesh (Al Baker): vanishing lady from trunk with clever weighing scale gimmick
78 Paper Balls to Hat (Slydini): close up trick with paper balls vanishing and appearing in a hat
81 Switching Decks (Harlan Tarbell): a method using a handkerchief
82 Flowers at Your Fingertips (Milbourne Christopher): spring flowers
84 The Enchanted Finger Ring (Leon Herrmann): vanished from glass and appears on wand
86 Cash and Change Purse (William McCaffrey): marked card selection is found in change purse
88 Rope-It (Bob Haskell): selection is lasso'd as pack is thrown in the air
89 The Devil's Flight (Joseph Dunninger): woman vanishes from under cloth
91 Is This Your Card (Paul LePaul): producing the selected card
92 The Miser's Dream As I Do It (T. Nelson Downs): famous coin production
95 The Triangular Room (John Mulholland): Jumbo card trick with the four Jacks
97 Diminishing Golf Ball Routine (Ballentine): with handkerchief
99 Get the Point? (Arthur Leroy): card selection caught on knife point
100 Penetration Most Extraordinary (Tan Hock Chuan): silks in glass
101 Silk Penetration (Mohammed Bey - S. Leo Horowitz): one silk through another
102 The Phantom Flame (Carlos H. Colombini and Graciela N. Avendano): candle and flame
104 New Salt Shaker (Harold Pearson): new use for drum head tube
104 Unprepared Trunk Escape (Louis N. Miller): escape
105 The Cut and Restored Cigarette (Charles W. Fricke): a quickie
106 Coin in Ball of Wool Idea (Herb Runge): using a sack to hold the ball
106 Harbin's Production Box (Robert Harbin): a deceiving production box
108 Bingo (Stewart Judah and John Braun): Banknight variation
109 The Secret Panel (Herman L. Weber): production screens
111 Jasonism (Eddie Joseph): thought reading
113 The Fidgety Poker Chips (Nelson C. Hahne): color chips come out in different order than put in
115 The Waiter's Tip (George DeMott): selected coin is found in selected cereal box
115 A Tip for the Waiter's Tip (Sid Lorraine): humor tips
116 Silk Production Novelty (Fred Mintz): from magazine
118 Silver and Copper (Paul N. Rylander): three copper coins change places with three silver coins
120 The Hilliar Rising Cards (William J. Hilliar): clever method
121 A Magician's Hope Chest (U.F. Grant): Production box
123 The Tennis Racquet Card (H. Syril Dusenbury): Tennis racquet finds selection
124 A Matter of Record (Judson Brown): card selection appears between two phono records
125 Improved 20th Century Silk (Manger): with silks and envelope
127 The Five Card Trick (Tom Osborne, Long Tack Sam)
128 Pip of a Pipe (George Andrew): with flash paper