Tan Hock Chaun: Rough and Smooth
Chuan, Tan Hock: Rough & Smooth Possibilities
©1949 ARCAS Publications, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6.5x8.5", 18 pages plus ads
Tan Hock Chaun: Rough & Smooth
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Comments: B&W diagrams.

Contents (from book):

i Preface
i Appendix A: obtaining roughing fluid
iiv Introduction (Wilfrid Jonson)

1 R&S Giant Monte
3 R&S Poker Hand Routine
5 R&S Restless Cards
7 R&S Master Pack
9 Appendix B: Si Stebbins System
9 R&S Memory Supreme
10 R&S Book Test
11 R&S Dead and Living Test
12 R&S Optica Deck
13 R&S One-Way Deck
14 R&S Hallucination
15 R&S Mental Numbers
18 Epilogue

19 Ads: For Arcas Magical Publications; to page 21