Clarke, Graham S.: The Book That Never Was
©1990 Clarke S. Graham
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 37 pages
The Book That Never Was
Image courtesy Kaymar Magic
Graham Clarke: The Book That Never Was



2 Foreword
3 Introduction
4 The Houdini Card Trick Plus
5 Cut Your Card
5 Pretty Pretty Card Trick
6 Graham’s Card In The Balloon
10 Graham’s Pass
14 Standing Ovation
15 Graham's New Cigarette Dropper
16 Graham’s Rising Cigarette
16 Colour Changing Tic
18 Graham’s Ashtray
19 Flame Control
19 Salt Pour
22 Challenge Bingo
23 Children’s Shows
26 Sausages (an old idea, but a good lead in)
28 Comedy Prediction
28 Pencil Reading Made Easy
29 The No Swami Routine
30 The Zodiac Dial
34 Linking What? Beer Mugs
36 Food For Thought
36 What A Mess
37 Engagements