Harry Clarke: Burke's Pastime Series for Boys - Magic
Clarke, Harry: Burke's Pastime Series for Boys - Magic
©1962 Burke Publishing Co.
Hardcover, w/dj,

Reprinted 1964
Harry Clarke: Burke's Pastime Series for Boys -
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Comments: Note: the title page states this is based on The Boys Book of Magic, 1949, the contents appear to be totally different. 

Contents (from book ToC, missing page numbers for the last 7 chapters):

9 Chapter I Magic Old And New

19 Chapter II Rules And Equipment For The Beginner

24 Chapter III A Good Opening

27 Chapter IV Coin Magic:
Thumb Palm
Finger Palm
Coin In An Orange
The Invisible Flight Of A Coin

32 Chapter V Card Magic:
Card Through A Handkerchief
The Bashful Card

40 Chapter VI Cutting And Restoring:
Cut And Restored Rope
Torn And Restored Cigarette Paper
Cut And Restored Newspaper

49 Chapter VII Manipulation:
Thimble Manipulation
Sponge Ball Magic
Dice Manipulation

53 Chapter VIII Handkerchief Magic:
The Burnt And Restored Handkerchief
A Twentieth-Century Handkerchief Trick
Where Did That One Go?

60 Chapter IX More Card Magic:
The Elusive Card
Trick Packs
The Long Card
The Vanishing Lady

72 Chapter X Magical Rings:
The Novelty Ring On A Rope
Chinese Rings

77 Chapter XI The Magic Wand:
The Penetrating Wand
The Rising Wand
Hoop-La! The Rising Ring

83 Chapter XII Moving And Multiplying Balls:
Cups And Balls
Walnut Shells And A Pea
Multiplying Billiard Balls

Chapter XIII The Acrobat Matchbox

Chapter XIV Magical Mix-Up And The Magical Tube

Chapter XV The Spooky Pencil

Chapter XVI Caught!

Chapter XVII Comedy Levitation And Other Mysteries:
The Afghan Bands
The Elastic Rope

Chapter XVIII The Newspaper Ballot

Chapter XIX A Good Ending