Clark, Keith & John Braun (editor): Rope Royale
©1942 Harold Rice, Silk King Studios, AL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 16 pages
Rope Royale
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Keith Clark: Rope Royale

Comments: Illustrated by Nelson Hahne. A cut and restored rope effect with a gimmicked rope

Contents (from book, page numbers added Feb 2019):

3 Foreword (Harold Rice)

4 Rope Royale: Introduction
4 As the Spectator Sees It: a clean cut and restored, appearing and vanishing knots
5 The Rope to Use: soft, white rope
5 Preparation: how to gimmick the ropes
5 - To Prepare the Rope With Cement
6 - To Put on Caesar Rope Gimmicks
6 - Clean Cuts: tip
6 Presentation
6 - Cutting the Rope
8 - Restoration
12 - Knots Reappear
12 - Knots Dissolve
12 - Samples: how to pass out rope for examination
14 Patriotic Rope Royale: red, white and blue rope cut and restored
14 - To Prepare the Patriotic Rope
15 Ad: Keith Clark's Silks Supreme
16 Ad: Rice's More Naughty Silks; Thru The Dye Tube