Tony Clark: Unmasks Award Winning Dove Techniques
Clark, Tony: Unmasks Award-Winning Dove Techniques
©1992 Tony Clark, Tony Clark Productions
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11"

©1997 2nd Edition
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 67 pages
              Clark Unmasks
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Comments: Illustrations by Mitch Williams and Tony Clark. "A handbook for Dove Workers"

Contents (from 2nd Ed book ToC, numbers for Chapters only):

1 Chapter One Dove Care
Feeding and Diet
Coloring Doves
Exterior & Interior Cages

11 Chapter Two Traveling With Doves
Domestic Travel
International Travel

19 Chapter Three Traveling Accessories
Folding Road Cage
The Carrier

23 Chapter Four Magician in the Making
The Beginning
Celebraties and Friends
The Show

35 Chapter Five: Dove Training Techniques
Dove Training
Return Flight Program

41 Chapter Six: Behind the Seams
Dove-From-Sleeve Toss
Dove Worker Accessories
Dove Pockets and Positions

47 Chapter Seven: Diversified Dove Effects
The Elusive Rubber Dove-
Self Contained Dove Effects
Double Deception Dove Bag
Miraculous Growing Dove
Vanishing Cane-to-Dove Opener

55 Chapter Eight: Colleague Contributions
Darwin’s Dove Production
Rand Woodbury’s Super Dove
An Airmail Dove
General Grant’s Tissue Paper to Dove-
General Grant s Positive Loop Holder

67 Chapter Nine: About the Author