John Lee Clifton: Dr. Doom's Theatre of Blood
Clifton, John Lee: Dr. Doom's Theatre of Blood
©1970s (circa), Mystery Castle, OH
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 8 pages
John Lee Clifton: Dr. Doom's Theatre of Blood
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Comments: Each page has 4 reduced type pages, so there's really about 32 pages. A book of horror-themed illusions and magic effects, plus tips for putting on your own scary haunted house attraction. There is a newer electronic version of this book available from

Contents (from book cover, numbers are not page numbers):

Build a Haunted House
Ghost Show Blackout Method
Halloween Party Horror Effects
Torture of a Princess
Production of a Live Witch
Horror Torture Illusions
The Exorcism
The Vanishing Guide
Bats That Fly
Blook Knife
Power Saw Illusion
The Avalance
Spiderella Illusion
And Other Horrors to Guide You...

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