Michael Close: On the Road Again UK Tour
Close, Michael: On The Road Again UK Tour 2006
©2006 Michael Close
Softcover, 119 pages
Close: On the Road Again UK Tour

Comments: Includes all the essays from the Workers Books


1 The Suggested Reading List
3 Red Blue Mamma Fooler: named card is only blue card in a red deck, then same card is found in the blue deck with a red back
9 Gary Plants’s Magnetized Cards: require's Gary Plant's gaffed card, which is not detailed
15 Out of U and Me: selection turns face up with aid of Glorpy
19 The Wishing Trick: using a Simon stack and some estimation
25 Close’s Blizzard Presentation: some tips for Dean Dill's Blizzard effect
27 Butte Ox, Two Butte Ox!: card routine requires palming
39 Chicken Teryiaki: coin routine using a half, English penny, and C/S gaff
47 Sideswiped Meets the Bammo Deck Walloper: combo of Aronson's Sideswiped and Farmer's Bammo Deck Walloper routines

57 BONUS ESSAYS (through page 117)
57 Presentation
63 Patter
67 Technique
73 Naturalness and Motivation
79 Too Perfect Theory
85 Analysis and Conviction
89 Ethics
93 Audience Management
97 Assumptions
103 Venue
107 Personality
113 Flourishes
117 Magic and Meaning