Close, Michael: Workers Number 3
1993 Michael Close
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 138 pages

Close: Workers Number 3
Image courtesy eBay seller Leocuellar

Comment: The Workers series are now available as an all-in-one package in e-book format from Michael Close as The Complete Workers Series, with new and improved text.


1 Introduction
5 The Big Surprise: variation of card in box effect
15 Presentation (Essay)
20 A Visit from Rocco: Larry West routine using Giant Bills
26 You Axed For It: Ring to Box effect
34 Patter (Essay)
37 Patter for Pavel's "Fantastic Knot"
41 Technique (Essay)
45 On Palming
58 Take a Letter: Strange effect using common stationary items
64 The Incredible Peeked Prediction: Prediction of selection found in wallet (palming)
69 Nautralness and Motivation (Essay)
73 The Ooh-Ah Bird: Children's routine with an Origami bird
79 Origami Bill Production: Borrowed bill forms into a figure
84 The Too Perfect Theory (Essay)
89 Chicken Teryaki: Copper/Silver transpo in sepectator's hands
95 Analysis and Conviction (Essay)
98 The Incredible Growing Toothpick: grows three times its size
101 Ethics (Sermon)
104 We're All B*z*s on this Bus: Blank cards turn to clown faces
112 Down for the Count: Magician proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone at the table is a vampire.
116 Audience Management (Essay)
119 The Card, The Forehead, and The Salt Shaker: combo of multiple card effects
138 The Double Bar