Clothier, Tim: Advanced Illusion Projects
©2005 Tim Clothier
Softcover, perfect-bound, 156 pages
Advanced Illusion
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Tim Clothier: Advanced Illusion Projects

Comments: Technical plans for many stage illusions. Each illusion design features detailed scale plans. All parts of the illusion are shown and described, including information on how to build them; materials to use and recommended finishes.

Contents (from book ToC, updated Oct 2019):

3 Acknowledgements
4 Foreword (Dirk Arthur)
5 Introduction
7 Contents
8 Photographs

11 Trapdoor
33 Steam: The appearance of the Magician from steam coming from a network of pipes.
47 Headz Up: The assistant is cut into three pieces then the box opened to show the legs, torso and head all separated
63 R/C Car Vanish: A radio controlled car vanishes from its box and reappears on the far side of the stage
77 Building A Mock Up
87 Compact Deception: The Magician turns a CD player into his assistant
103 The Furnace
115 Iron
133 Alien Abduction: An AREA51 routine in which an Alien vanishes and reappears in the Magician's place

152 Final Thoughts
153 Resources