Carl Cloutier: Carl Cloutier Magician Lecture Notes
Cloutier, Carl: Carl Cloutier Magician Lecture Notes
1993 Carl Cloutier
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 25 pages
Carl Cloutier Magician Lecture Notes
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1 The Object of Desire: bill in Kiwi plot
4 A One Coin Interlude: a quick routine with a single coin, vanish, penetrate, etc.
7 Two Card Finale: the deck vanishes as two selections are revealed, uses a Topit
10 Surgeon General's Nightmare: torn and restored borrowed cigarette routine
16 Framed: borrowed glasses are accidentally broken, but found restored in performer's own glasses case
20 Two Flippant Pen Vanishes: two quick pen vanishes, with nods to Flip
23 The Original Easy-Vanisher: a small object vanish with the aid of a silk
25 Acknowledgements