Cohen, Al: Magical Mish Mosh & Other Shtik
©2009 Al Cohen, Bethesda, MD
Softcover, comb-bound, 5.5x8.5", 48 pages
Magical Mish Mosh
              & Other Shtik
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Comments:This is an updated version of Al's notes with slightly different content than "Magical Mish-Mosh and Other Tricky Trivia", though there is a lot of overlap.


1 Magical Mish Mosh
4 My Six Card Repeat: Al's rendition of Clark Crandell's routine, using the buckle count
6 Words From Uncle Al, the Kiddie's Pal: tips for kid's shows
7 Thank You Mr. Vernet - Thumb Tip Tips
9 Astral Ashes: instead of spreading ashes on your arm
11 Two Coins & a Wine Glass: clever impromptu effect
13 The No-Sleight Coin Routine
13 - A Perfect Coin Clip: you can make yourself
15 Thoughts on the Appearing Cane: some ideas
17 Always On: a few quick impromptu effects
19 Milk to Dove: milk poured in paper cone changes to a Dove
20 Miscellaneous Mish Mosh
20 - Billiard Balls: a tip
20 - Jumbo Coin Finish: how to produce one
20 - Egg Bag ** Doggie Bag: some comedy for your Egg Bag
21 - Sponge Ball Ice-Breaker: a gag
21 - Tape Recorder: use one!
22 Wrist Tie Routine: using a Karrell Fox tie
25 Peripatetic Dollar: a bill penetrates cards with only a shake
28 Sucker Club: clever comedy bill switch
31 Be Switched (George Hample): another bill switch
34 Thoughts on Cards
34 - My Secret Weapon: the long card
36 Hearsay: a commercial card effect  you can make
39 Two Favorite Card Tricks
39 - Fifty/Fifty: cards are eliminated until one remains but it's not it; the selection is in the pocket
40 - Impromptu Mind-Reading: a second spectator instantly names the selection
42 Stick It: selection ends up with different colored back, and identifying sticker still on it
44 Thoughts on the Paddle Trick: how to do the move with a color changing knife
45 Dinner Table Stuff: 8 quick thoughts for table magic
46 The Vanishing Wand Effect: with the Walsh Wand
48 A Final Note