Cohen, Al: Magical Mish-Mosh (And Other Tricky Trivia)
1985, published by Al Cohen
Softcover, stapled, 8.5x11", 16 pages
Magical Mish-Mosh
              and Other Tricky Trivia
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Comments [Stewart Tame]: From the introduction: "This is not a lecture !!! .....It's just a collection of magical thoughts I've accumulated through the years..." The last two pages are blank with the heading "NOTES" at the top of each. There is a later 2009 edition of this book with added and slightly different content, titled, "Magical Mish-Mosh and Other Shtik"


1 A Magical Mish-Mosh (And Other Tricky Trivia): Introduction to the booklet.
2 The Magic Scroll: An opening bit, magician shows ornate scroll with Chinese or other characters on it, explains that it really means whatever the name of the group sponsoring the show turns out to be, magician turns scroll around to show group's logo on the other side, rolls scroll into tube, production, many suggestions of things to produce in order to maximize load space.
3 Milk to Dove: Magician shows both sides of sheet of newspaper, rolls into a cone, pours pitcherful of milk into it, shakes cone, dove pops up into view, milk has vanished.
4 Dagger Dime: Magician shows knife, places dime on flat of blade, covers with hank, announces coin will vanish, coin falls off blade, magician pulls back hank and places coin on blade again, coin falls again, magician pulls back hank and replaces coin, coin falls again, magician pulls back hank and knife is gone.
5 My Six Card Repeat: Al gives his presentation of this classic effect.
6 Two Coins And A Wineglass: Quarter in wineglass shown, poured onto spectator's palm, glass inverted and placed over coin, magician shows smaller coin (a dime, for example) and vanishes it, smaller coin appears under wineglass next to quarter.
7 The Peripatetic Dollar: Bill of any denomination is borrowed and placed between two playing cards, packet given a shake and bill is now on bottom of stack, effect is immediately repeated, then both cards are placed on top of the bill and the packet given a shake, bill penetrates up to middle of stack.
8 Astral Ashes: Al's innovation on this classic is to have the name of the selection appear on the back of magician's business card, which then becomes a keepsake for the spectator.
9 Always On: Various suggestions for impromptu effects with pens, business cards, etc.
10 Appearing Cane Thoughts: Toss from one hand to the other, cane appears in midair, dove perched on cane flaps wings if in front of a boy but not a girl, silk picked up from table and tossed into air, changes to cane.
11 Thank You Mr. Vernet: Several suggestions of uses for a Thumb Tip.
12 Miscellaneous Mish Mosh: Various short suggestions for billiard balls, egg bag, sponge balls, etc.
13 Wrist Tie Routine: Al's wrist tie routine, some nice bits of business here.