Cohen, Al: Thimble Rigging
1987, "An ALCO Product" (Al Cohen)
Paper, 3 pages, 8.5" x 11" sheet, with props

Comments [DA]: This is the routine that came with Al Cohen's thimble rigging set. The set contains three brass thimbles and a rubber pea, although the instructions state that wooden thimbles are provided. As of this writing (Jan 2002), the Chef Anton/Whit Haydn "School for Scoundrels" may have a few sets left. The routine provided is bare bones, and provided in tiny print in two half-page pages.


1 A Short History of Thimble Rigging (Larry Baukin): states that the use of thimbles pre-dated the use of walnuts.
2 Introduction: moves with thimbles are almost interchangeable with shell moves
2 What You Receive:  mentions wood thimbles and hand-made sponge rubber pea
2 What You Will Also Need: describes proper surface
2 Care of the Pea: moistening and storing
2 How the Trick Works:  the working described
2 Here's A Basic Routine: start by allowing spectator to guess correctly a couple of times, then begin to steal and replace to mix it up. Has a good idea of having the spectator place finger on top of thimble and describes a finale with a shot glass.