Cohen & Kaufman: Japan Ingenious - a Compendium
Cohen, Steve & Richard Kaufman: Japan Ingenious - a Compendium
©2013 Richard Kaufman, Kaufman and Company
Hardcover, w/dj, 251 pages
Cohen & Kaufman: Japan Ingenious

Comments: Illustrated by Ton Onosaka and Earle Oakes. "This book is a much expanded version of Winners, originally published in Japan to commemorate the winners of the Masao Atsukawa Prize."


13 Foreword (Richard Kaufman)
15 Introduction (Masao Atsukawa): It All Started With Magic Land

17 Case Card (Masao Atsukawa): card trick using a case-card gimmick
19 Warp 9 (Masao Atsukawa): a card puzzle seems to always have an extra piece, but ends up complete
23 The Volunteer Swindle (Hiro Sakai): Origami bill routine with a 5 that changes to a 10
28 Hairband Mystery (Hiro Sakai): hairband penetrates the thumb
30 A Transient Love Story (Hiro Sakai): a series of effects for romance
30 - Approach: getting the person's phone number using a center tear
32 - A Present: producing a bouquet of flowers using an assistant
33 - Reach: matching a hotel room number using the Brown-Wayne "Room Service" effect
35 - Jab: a quick rice & sardines recipe!
36 - Propose: the engagement ring is vanished, and then appears on her finger
37 - Strange Relationship: card selected matches her name and same card value in another color deck has your name
40 Inception (Hiro Sakai): the building on the back of a $100 bill vanishes and returns
43 The Right-Angle Bill Mystery (Hiro Sakai): one bill turns to right angles to two other bills, even though held by the spectator
46 The Vanish Which Elevates Tenkai (Hiro Sakai): a coin vanish
48 Inner Inertia (Hiro Sakai): a card loading technique used here in a prediction effect
50 Celebrity Torn and Restored Card (Hiro Sakai): a card with performer's and spectator's signatures is torn in two and restored
55 One Man Self-Levitation: levitating with the aid of a small box
60 Zodea (Tomo Maeda): Zodiac prediction is mystic, but when folded becomes very clear
64 Re-Psychle (Tomo Maeda): spirit writing with a fountain pen inside a card case
67 The Angle of the Hypothesis (Tomo Maeda): spoon and fork bending - not real ones but drawings of them - Two Methods
70 Out To Cut (Tomo Maeda): an initial pair of scissors drawn on a card in a card case cuts out a selected card value
74 Elevator Illusion (Hideki Tani): a selected card appears in the windows of a cut out card, then lower into the deck to be found reversed
78 Vanishing Wedding Band (Hideki Tani): a finger ring vanishes and reappears in the fist with rolled up sleeves
82 Card Tapestry (Takanobu Ishida): one of 4 Aces is selected, and they all drop in a linked fashion with the selected Ace reversed
86 E.T. Rope (Takanobu Ishida): a rope penetration with spectator interaction
90 - Bonus Effect - Static Electricity Rope
91 Date/Time Cards (Takanobu Ishida): magician finds card selection on a clock dial by using the time
96 Magic Square Card Mystery (Takanobu Ishida): cards and a magic square
101 Automatic Ace Triumph (Kuniyasu Fujiwara): Four Aces are mixed up with 12 other cards but end up face down in the packet
103 Mr. Green's Prediction (Kuniyasu Fujiwara): magician finds the card that has the spectator's chosen name on it
106 Slice! (Kuniyasu Fujiwara): a ribbon is cut through a card, but restored
109 Bill Tear Illusion (Kuniyasu Fujiwara): a chopstick is torn through a borrowed bill but the bill is not harmed
113 The Flying Chopstick (Kuniyasu Fujiwara): pairs of chopsticks are separated and one placed in one envelope and one in another. An add chopstick is added to one envelope and invisbily jumps to the other
114 Swizzle Stick Vanish (Kuniyasu Fujiwara): a swizzle stick vanishes as the magician pokes it into a receipt or napkin
116 Original Card Quake (Kuniyasu Fujiwara): a card rise using a special card that is shown to the audience
120 Mind Sketchbook (Michiaki Kishimoto): a sketchbook version of Mental Epic
124 Rubber Band Penetration (Michiaki Kishimoto): a version of Crazy Man's Handcuffs
126 Blood Type Divination (Michiaki Kishimoto): named blood type card is the only one reversed and with a different back color
128 Four Card Surprise (Michiaki Kishimoto): magician and spectator stop dealing at the same time and turn over the same value card, and the bottom cards also have the same value
131 Silk Card Lasso (Kazu Katayama): a silk with a clip attached finds a card selection in a paper bag
135 Aluminum Coin (Michiaki Kishimoto): foil wrapper turns into a coin
137 Red/Blue Oil and Water: Oil and Water using two cards from a red deck and two from a blue deck
142 The Silken Finger (Michiaki Kishimoto): cut and restored handkerchief, uses a sixth finger
145 Autumn Mystery (Ichrio Mori): a series of three effects using the same gimmick
145 - Effect One: a leaf on a bookmark penetrates a sheet of glass
148 - Effect Two: a leaf drawing on a glass vanishes to appear as a real leaf on a bookmark
150 - Effect Three: torn corner of a bookmark penetrates a glass sheet and is restored to the bookmark
151 Money In Circulation (Michiaki Kishimoto): a borrowed bill rotates on top of an instantly made paper tube
152 God of Romance (Michiaki Kishimoto): four-of-a-kind production with a story of romance
158 One-Armed Tibetan Gambler (Michiaki Kishimoto): A four Ace Trick turns ito a Royal Flush
165 Fujii Reverse Assembly (Akira Fujii): a challenging reverse coin matrix, no extra coins or gimmicks
169 Jet Coins (Michiaki Kishimoto): a coin fly routine using the muscle pass
175 Three Different Coins (Yuji Wada): a Copper-Silver-Brass routine using the standard set, three 1/2 dollars a purse and a pen
179 Flip Match (Yuji Wada): an empty matchbook becomes instantly filled
183 Phantom Drink Penetration (Yasuyuki - Bona Ueki): Tea is poured into a cup, the cup nested into another cup, and the tea is suddenly in the bottom cup
186 One Hand Challenge Reverse (Tomoyuki Takahashi): magician performs instant reversal of cards in the deck
190 Fading Coin (Tomoyuki Takahashi): magical appearance of a thought-of coin
192 Double X Card (Katsuya Masuda): selected card has two X's on the back, to match the prediction
196 Subtle Slop Shuffle Aces (Shigeo Takagi): version of the slop shuffle
199 Perfect Order (Tenkai Matsuura): messages written on the side of deck become clear as a prediction
204 Piano Sans Keyboard (Hideo Kato): version of the Piano card trick where the spectator handles the cards
207 Torn and Restored 2000 (Kenichi Kuroki): bill folded in a gum wrapper is torn and restored
211 Sneaky Sneaker (Kenichi Kuroki): magician removes the bow from a tied pair of sneakers and moves it to the bottom of the lace
215 The Tokyo Penetration (Ryu Susato): one bill penetrates another
219 Ryu Susato's Business Card (Ryu Susato): variation of the Q trick using a business card
223 Two Pens With But a Single Thought (Kazuyuki Hase): magician determines which of two drawings a spectator duplicated
225 The Color Out of Space (Kazuyuki Hase): magician determines which ESP symbol was drawn using sound as a partial indicator
228 Submarine Coins (Dr. Sawa): a three coin routine using four coins and a Utility Switch, Ross Bertram's Rubdown, and Slydini's Imp Pass
232 Ping-Pong Pocus (Dr. Sawa): during a game of ping-pong, the ball changes color twice and the paddle shrinks
234 Marvelous Coin to Ring (Dr. Sawa): quick coin to ring effect
236 The Copper Queen and Silver President (Dr. Sawa): a copper & silver routine with no gimmicks
239 The Sleeve Shootout (Dr. Sawa): one-handed sleight to make a handful of coins turn into jumbo coins in an instant while seated at a table
241 Remote Control Coins Through Table (Dr. Sawa): clever coins through the table with a special mat
245 Why a Big Purse? (Dr. Sawa): full coin purse routine with Jumbo coin climax
250 Origins:
250 - List of Items translated and written by Steve Cohen and illustrated by Ton Onosaka and represent the original effects from the Atsukawa Award Winners
250 - List of Items written by Richard Kaufman and illustrated by Richard Kaufman or Earle Oakes. These effects appeared in Magic, The Looking Glass, and Genii magazines
250 - List of items written by Max Maven and illustrated by Ton Onosaka, as appearing in Genii