Cohen, Morris (The Amazing Maurice): Comedy Funnel Magic
©1969 Micky Hades, Canada
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 24 pages
Comedy Funnel Magic
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Morris Cohen (Amazing Maurice): Comedy Funnel Magic



3 Introduction
4 General Instructions (Louis Tannen)
5 On Filling the Comedy Funnel (Thom Hendricks)
6 The Hades Funnel Valve (Micky Hades)
7 Oh My Aching Side (Jack Channin)
10 The Turkish Milk Bath (Darrell Hutton)
12 Beer Barrel Gag (the Amazing Maurice)
12 Water on the Brain (the Amazing Maurice)
13 I'm a Pump Routine (Harry Ro-Zon)
14 Instant Eye Extraction (Micky Hades)
16 Double Surprise (the Amazing Maurice)
17 Hot Water Bottle Gag (the Amazing Maurice)
17 Bob Baxter's Funnel and Pitcher (Bob Baxter)
18 Oh Boy! Milk Shake (Bert Easley)
20 Space Man Card Trick (George McAthy)
21 Visible Color Change (the Amazing Maurice)
22 Dehydrated Water (the Amazing Maurice)
22 Hypo-Derma Flow (Joseph M. White)