Cohen, Morris (The Amazing Maurice): Mentalistrix
©1964 Micky Hades, Canada
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 39 pages
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Comments: Illustrated by Micky Hades, cover design by Randy Smith. "Tried and Tested Effects Selected From His Own Repertoire." Maurice was considered by Hull to be one of the most creative talents in the magic field. This is a collection of his tricks and magic acts.

Contents  (from book ToC):

1 Title Page and Dedication
2 Tribute (Burling Hull)
3 Contents
4 Foreword
5 A Cha(i)ritable Prediction
6 Holiday Mood
8 Seasoned to Taste
9 Mental Radio
10 Pick Your Date
11 Upstage Aquarium
13 Tubes That Tell
14 Fortune Telling Plus
16 Mental Flash
18 Time on My Hands
19 Impromptu Choice
20 Mind Over Money
21 The Ouija Board Mystery
23 The Key Caper
25 Dynamic Pictoria
25 The Name Caller
26 Good Fishing!
27 Smoker's Choice
29 News for Desert
30 Futuristic Tape
31 Borrowed Mind Power
33 The Maurice Prediction Chest
36 Invisible Thoughts
37 Card Insight
37 Direct and Correct