Cohen, Morris (The Amazing Maurice): Paper Bag Magic
©1967 Micky Hades Enterprises, Canada
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 24 pages
Paper Bag Magic
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Amazing Maurice: Paper Bag Magic


Contents (from book):

3 Foreword
4 Introduction

5 The Single Paper Bag
5 Bag to Bag: a dove trick
5 Banana Bag
6 Use a Bag for a Hat
6 Bagging the Ring
6 Stop Thrice
6 The Dollar and Half Trick
7 Bag O Canes
7 A Couple of Conry Tricks
8 The Case of the Forgotten Egg
8 Fitgerald Ropes 'Em In
9 A Party Stunt

10 The Double Bag
10 Popped Corn
10 Card, Bag and Ribbon
11 A Double Bag Routine
12 The Birthday Host
12 The Hunter and the Rabbit
12 A Necktie and a Dove

14 The Dub-L Bag
14 Ping Pong Picker
15 Ping Pong Popper
15 Ping Pong Variations
16 The Bag of Plenty
16 Baking a Cake in a Paper Bag
17 Silk O Flight

18 The Triple Bag
18 Cut and Restored Necktie
18 Double Card Force
18 Trading Cards and Flags
19 The Musical Flag
19 "Stop" Force

20 Miscellaneous Tricks with Paper Bags
20 The X-Ray Bag
20 Upside Down Bag
21 Paper Bag Production
21 The Laundry Bag Tear
21 Mental Baggary
22 The Airplane Bag
22 Miser's Dream Gag Routine
23 Another Headline Prediction
24 Final Thoughts