Joe Cole: MicroEconomics
Cole, Joe: MicroEconomics
©2006 (circa) Joe Cole
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 67 pages
Joe Cole: MicroEconomics
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Comments: "A small collection of big routines and ideas for a tiny purse". Originally came with two small purses.

Contents (from book ToC):

I Acknowledgements
II How It Came About
III Introduction (Joe Cole)
IV Introduction (Curtis Kam)

3 Chapter 1: Cigar Club
3 Misdirection Changeover (Joe Cole)
5 Sankey's Switch (Jay Sankey/Curtis Kam)
7 Alternate Switch (Jay Sankey/Joe Cole)
9 Still Burning (Curtis Kam)
11 Endings (Joe Cole)

12 Chapter 2: Mini Money Miracles
12 My Two Cents (Joe Cole)
15 Imaginary Money (Curtis Kam)
18 Under 21 (Curtis Kam)
20 Stock Exchange (Joe Rindfleisch)

23 Chapter 3: The Dime Store
23 The Dime Machine (Curtis Kam)
27 Nothing Up My Sleeve (Joe Cole)
28 Inflation (Curtis Kum)
30 Here. Hold My Purse (Curtis Kam>
32 Slow Motion Pursesnatcher (Curtis Kam)

33 Chapter 4: Finger Funds
33 Piranha Purse (Joe Rindfleisch)
35 Piranha Purse 2 The Sequel (Joe Cole)
39 Finger Puppet (Doug Brewer)
42 Inflated (Joe Rindfleisch)
43 Inflated 2 (Joe Rindfleisch)

44 Chapter 5: Investments
44 The Doll's Dollar (Curtis Kam)
47 Walter Gibson’s T&R (Walter Gibson/Curtis Kam)
48 Tom And Restored To..Life (Curtis Kam/Joe Cole)

50 Chapter 6: Accounts
50 Opening/Closing (Joe Rindfleisch)
53 Pesky Purse (Joe Cole)
58 Big Spender (Joe Rindfleisch)
63 Double Your Money (Frank Starsinic)

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