Collins, Stanley: Original Magical Creations
©1915 (circa) Will Goldston Ltd., London
Hardcover, 111 pages
Original Magical
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Comments (JayandLefty): Inspired by the magic performances of Chung Ling Soo, in 1905 he began to perform as "Loo Sing." Collins went on to become a highly successful society conjurer. His greatest claim to fame may be as a collector of rare and antique magic books. Collins invented many magic effects, largely based on mechanical and hydraulic principles. In particular, Stanley Collins' conjuring with cards is acknowledged to have been well ahead of his time. His "Collins' Aces" routine is still being performed by some today. He is credited with inventing the Jumping Rubber Band in 1911.

Contents: (corrected 10/2015)

7 Foreword
9 The Wooden Slab And Flying Card Experiment: for stage
20 Cards And Coincidence: three selections appear on bottom of three heaps
25 The Omega Ace Experiment: Three Aces transfer to envelope
36 Will!: cards stick to the hand and fall, except the selections
41 The Siamese Bloodstone: selected cards jump from a hat
46 Le Dernier Cri Mutilated Card Experiment: cut and restored card
52 A Question Of Memory: selection and performer's cards transpose
58 Thought Anticipated And Precipitated: selected card appears in card frame
63 The Guessing Game: spectator is shown two cards and guesses third, but is wrong
67 The Spider: pips on a card are "eaten" by a spider one by one
77 The" Knee" Plus Ultra Handkerchiefs: a silk is pulled through the leg, and a 2nd silk transfers legs
84 A New Ropes And Rings Experiment: through the body
90 Ginger And The Apple: doll from cannon
97 The Filtering Ink Experiment: ink slowly drips through cover and 2nd glass into the 1st glass
105 The Inktubators: another ink trick