Collosini: Mental Meanderings
©1960s (circa) Supreme Magic, Bideford, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 13 pages
Collosini: Mental Meanderings
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Collosini: Mental Meanderings

Comments: Printed on single sided pages.

Contents (from book, updated Nov 2019)

1 Billet Switching - New Methods
1 - Collosini's Billet Switch
3 - Collosini's Mechanical Switch: using a pen with a cap
4 Collosini's Clearly Chance: using the Collosini "See Thru' Just Chance Tray", construction of tray is described
6 The See Thru' E.S.P. Test: a prediction matches the ESP card chosen
7 Vivens et Mortuus - Living & Dead: a living & dead test
8 Collosini's Coloro: order of ribbons in envelopes match order tied by spectator
10 Collosini's Telephone Number Prediction: using a phone book
11 Supreme Coincidence: performer and spectator end up with same number of matches
11 Book Test - 50,000 to One, Success: using a dictionary