Colombini, Aldo: The Close-Up Magic of Aldo Colombini
©1994 L&L Publishing, Tahoma, CA
Hardcover, 172 pages
Close Up Magic of
              Aldo Colombini
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Comments: 60 effects with cards, coins, cups and balls, ring & rope, Oktio coin box, and billiard ball productions.
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i A Few Words to the Reader (Aldo Colombini)
ii Introduciton (Bob Elliott)

1 Back and Forth Sandwich: A black card placed face down between the black Kings transposes with a red card placed face down between the red Kings
4 Follow This: spectator selects the only red backed card from a blue backed deck
6 Love Affair: Two cards join in the middle ofthe deckand are found to be 'one'
8 Easy Location: The performer finds a mentally selected card
10 Fast Food: Two selections plaad between three Jokers vanish, only to appear in the deck
12 Zig Zag: Three cards are selected under fair conditions yet turn out to be mates of the card the performer predicted in advance
14 F.F.F.F.: Four cards are selected and the deck is cut into four packets. On top of each packet is an Ace and the selections are produced.
16 North by Northwest: A seleaed card travels from packet to packet invisibly
18 Missing: Four Kings find three selections
21 Ranka - Chank: The four Kings, posing as Cannibals, devour three selections who are moonlighting as Missionaries
23 Back to the Future: Ace revelation
25 Never Say Dice: Card values follow the dice
28 Can't Play Your Game: card transposition
30 Hats Off: the performer fhds three selection
32 Sandwich for You: A selected card travels invisibly
34 The Old Romantics: card trick with the Aces
36 Mambo Jack: The four Jacks are changed into Jokers. One of the Jokers changes into the selection, and remaining Jokers change into the mates of the selection
39 Havana Sandwich: The first selection vanishes and appears fsre up between the two seleaed cards
44 Poker Coins: Deck is shuffled and cut into four packets, with the cards left on the table as the Aces, and a large silver coin is found under each packet.
47 Triumph Trio: variation of Triumph
51 Champagne: Cards assemble into a pile only to change.
55 Italian Heart: A spectator finds a seleaed card in a unique manner
57 The Killer: The magician says that the JS represents a 'killer' and that the spectator who holds this card will be 'hung'
59 Formula One: card selection placed between two Jacks vanishes and becomes a previously tabled card
61 Las Vegas: another Triumph variation
63 Royal Flush: Aspectator finds theonly missing card ftomaRoyal Flush and his selected card
65 Colorado: A selected card passes twice from one packet to another
67 Jumbo: The perfirmer produces the selected card and then produces the four Aces
69 Ace-mbly: Four Ace Assembly
72 Snapping: rubber band card trick
74 Four Card Display: This is a move to show four cards, such as the Aces.
76 Vortex: red & blue deck trick
82 Mini & Maxi: The performer shows two predictions and has a spectator select two matching cards
84 Top Control: card move
86 One, Two, Three, Four: The Aces are apparently lost in the deck only to be found in an extremely fair manner.
89 Open Prediction: Paul Curry effect
94 Follow the Oil & Water: combo Follow the Leader and Oil & Water
100 Silence of the Kings: The four Kings are shown, disappear, and change into the four Aces
102 W-Hole: Several transpositions o m , ending when the center piece of the 8C
transposes with the enter piece of the JD
107 Well Done Boys: Two spectators cut the deck into four packets. On the top of each packet lies a King, on the bottom, an Ace
109 No Fake Wild Card: An impromptu method
111 All the Best: Two Jacks assume the identity of any card, eventually becoming the selections
113 Foottapper: The four Jacks are shown and placed aside. A card is selected and placed among the Jacks, only to vanish and appear face up in the center of the deck
115 Koin Kut: A deck of cards is cut and a coin is found beneath the cut off packet
117 Super Link: Two rubber bands link and unlink in the hands of a spectator
121 Hopping Cups & Balls: Uses Two cups, three sponge balls about 1 and 1.5 inches in diameter, a close up pad, two bigger loads and a purse frame
126 Hiccup - Coins: Three coins are shown. Two of the coins pass from the right to the lefi hand, only to pass back again
128 Ring on Rope, or Vice Versa: Magician throws a ring towards the middle of the rope and the ring passes through the rope
130 Ping Pong Routine: A Chinese coin changes places with a Half Dollar several times, eventually penetrating the folds of a handkerchief for the final transposition (Chinatown Half & Okito Box)
137 Rings Off...Rings On: Key ring and rope routine (uses 4 ordinary key rings about an one and one half inches in diameter)
141 Squeeze Ball Move: billiard ball move
143 The Rubber Illusion: A Court card, reversed and placed between two other cards stretches in length and then shrinks to become a miniature
149 The Card That Gets Confused: Three selected blue-back cards held in the left hand, have added to them a red back Joker, which duplicates the selections one after the other
152 A Mirror Will Do: three blue backed cards are duplicated by a special blank card
155 Out of this Country: A spectator touches 26 cards fiom a shuffled deck and the cards are separated into reds and blacks
158 Out of Color: The spectator separates the colors of the backs of the cards
159 Out of Apocalypse: The spectator separates the red and black cards in an incredible manner
162 Half A World Away: A spectator separates the red and black cards but with two mistakes, which have been predicted by the magician
166 Out of Suits: Two spectators separate a deck of cards into reds and blacks and, as well, into four packets which turn out to be the four suits.
168 Matrix for Lazy People: Four coins are covered with four cards. One after the other, three coins vanish and appear under one card. At the end, a coin is back under each of the four cards.