Colombini & Ayling: Fabian's Magic Notes
Colombini, Aldo & Will Ayling (editor): Fabian's Magic Notes
©1986 Supreme Magic, Inc., Bideford, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 49 pages
Aldo Colombini & Will Ayling: Fabian's Magic
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3 Introduction
4 Sympathetic Ropes: ropes held by magician seem to duplicate ropes held by spectator
10 The Three Ropes: Professor's Nightmare where ending rope is full length
15 Aye: ring & rope routine with two different sized rings, about 6" and 3"
18 Chinese Coin: quick bit where a Chinese coin instantly appears between knots on a rope
20 Trio (Ronald Dayton): knots appear, and a 6" ring placed on the rope causes everything to become free
25 Cards and Ropes: routine for your card silk
28 Fabian's Book of Previsions: comedy prediction effect with a risque flair that can be adapted for any audience
29 The Recurring Card: A Black Jumbo card keeps replacing Red Ones, then all become Red again
32 Two Mind (Billy McComb): Jumbo card trick using two packets - one Blue Backed and one Red Backed
33 Kiss Me (El Duco): a "kiss me" Jumbo card effect
35 Sleight of Foot: spectator chooses shoe lace that matches one on a shoe
36 Fabian's Another Chinese & Silver Move: sleight for Chinese & silver coins
36 Fabian's Spinning Plate on Hindu Rope: a rope becomes rigid and a plate is spun upon it
39 Fabian's Face to Face Switch: card switch
40 Fabian's Fiver + Three = Eight: two wrong cards when added match the value of the selection, then become the selection
41 Fabian's Regenerating (Parryck): version of a torn and restored card
45 Fabian's Comedy Cut & Restored Ropes: Cut and restored colored ropes with a twist