Colombini, Aldo: Impact, Cards, Coins, Ropes and Rings
1991 Hades Publications.
Softcover, spiral-bound, 6x9", 145 pages
ISBN 0-921298-11-0
Aldo Colombini:
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Comments: Edited and Illustrated by Lothar Malmberg (revised edition). Impact contains a wide variety of magic using cards, coins, ropes, and rings. Most of the effect descriptions are short and concise, about one page each, although several routines take four pages or so. Line drawings are provided for clarity. Includes an appendix with descriptions of many essential sleights (but no diagrams in this section). Recommended.


1 Turn Over Revelation: Two selected cards are revealed using a visual flourish.
2 Boom-Boomer!: A mathematical card trick that reveals the 4 aces after one "miss"
3 Twice Cato: Two cards are predicted as the deck splits into Hearts & Spades.
5 Capricorn: Deck with a hole through the cards is separated into two piles. A card is selected and returned. This half is tied with a rope through the hole. The selected card disappears from the tied half to appear in the other half, face up, and with a different back.
7 Flip Aces: The four aces are "flipped" out of the deck
8 One Two Three Four Aces: Four aces are changed into four different cards, which are then used to find the aces.
10 Cups & Knots*: A cups & balls routine using a rope and knots. Knots pop off a rope, then are used in a cups & balls sequence. Any cups would be suitable.
14 Hoax: A strange way to vanish a coin
15 Fantastrick: A card is found after being lost in the middle of the deck.
16 Tip-Top*: A spectator selects a clown card, and the color nose matches the nose the magician is now wearing.
17 Stop*: A shuffled deck is cut into two halves. A card is viewed in one half, and the half is shuffled again. The card is gone and the spectator is told it is in the other half, which turns out to be a solid block with the chosen card glued to the face!
19 Transpo Ink: Four cards with black spot, 4 with red shown both sides. Four blacks placed on left, red in right. One by one, they trade places.
21 Off: A finger ring threaded onto a rope is released magically.
22 Aye: Two black jacks are placed face up on table, an unknown card placed face down between them. A spectator takes a card, which is seen to be the one previously placed between the jacks.
24 The Car: A Svengali deck principle using Car cards instead of regular cards.
25 Elevate: A packet/deck trick where cards keep popping back to the top, ending in a complete suit change.
26 Just in Case: A selected card vanishes from the pack and is found sandwiched between 4 court cards which were previously placed into the card case by a spectator.
29 Knot On: A method for instantly knotting a ring on a rope.
30 Upper-Cut: A two handed false cut flourish
31 H-D-T-Y: A red king vanishes from one packet and appears reversed in another.
32 Solo-Switch: A selected card in spectator's packet trades places with Ace in magician's packet.
34 Trailers: Four kings are placed in T formation. Three cards are selected and lost in deck. Three cards are now placed on each king. Kings vanish one at a time from each packet, but DON'T appear in the "lead" packet. Instead, the lead packet is 4 aces, the kings are reversed in the deck, and the selected cards are face up in each king packet.
37 Nit-Sirk Coin: Three cards are taken from the deck, and a card castle built around the tabled deck. A coin vanishes and reappears within the castle.
39 No Crimp Pyramid: A no crimp version of Pyramid (incomplete?)
39 Move with Rings and Rope: A linking ring selection using two singles, the key, and a 4' rope.
42 Spinning Plate on Hindu Rope: a plate spins on a limp rope.
43 Reverse 20th Century Rings: The center ring of a chain of 3 is removed, but the two ends link up!
44 Thumb-Snap-Linking: A linking ring move with a finger snap.
45 Sleight of Mouth: Three coins penetrate a Chazpro "mouth" handkerchief (eaten?)
47 Shuttle: A selected card is vanished from a deck. All cards become blank except the selected card.
49 Knotty: A knot tied in the middle of a rope slides to one end, the other, and changes color. The color knot slides, and when untied is found to be a 3" red section of the white rope!
51 Ace-Mbly: Four aces change places with a blank card. At the end, all the ace's pips are together on ONE card, leaving four blank face cards!
55 Snappy: Four coins placed on the table are covered with playing cards. One by one, three of the coins vanish to appear under the fourth card. At the conclusion, all four coins instantly reappear under the cards.
57 Discre-panza: Three cards are placed on the table. A card is selected by a spectator, and it is the other card required to make a perfect 4 of a kind poker hand.
58 Royal Progression: The 4 kings vanish, one after the other, from each of four packets and at they end they change into aces.
60 Taurus: Two kings find a selected card.
62 Direct Prediction: Two cards are left on the table. A spectator selects two paired cards, and they are duplicates of the performer's two.
63 Fooler!: The deck is cut into 4 packets. The four kings are placed on top of each packet. They change into 4 aces.
65 W-hole Oil and Water: 4 reds and 4 blacks are shown. All have a hole in them. The cards are mixed so the colors alternate. When shown again, the colors will just not mix. This is repeated. Finally, all the reds change to black. A rope is knotted and the end put through the hole. The knot pops off and the cards are now free from the rope.
71 Laser Cup: A chop cup routine using a green and white pair of "chop cup" balls, one regular red ball, a 2" multicolored ball (red, green, and white), and a cigarette and lighter. Some good moves here.
76 Flipper: A poster is shown with a question mark. A spectator is asked to think of any word, a second is asked to think of a number between 80-100, and a third selects a card. Each prediction is answered (with some comedy)
77 Jackpot: Two selected cards are shown to match - at least their backs match. Then it is revealed that a rainbow deck was used, they are the only two matching back cards.
78 Topper: A packet trick with clown and spring graphics. Clown keeps jumping to top, springs are revealed at the end.
79 Incredi-box: Three coins pass from an Okito box to underneath a playing card by magic.
83 W-Hole: A coin and three "black holes" are placed on the table. The coin vanishes and appears under the black holes. Then there is a coin under each hole. One by one, the three coins vanish and appear under a single hole. Finally, three jumbo coins appear under the holes.
87 Kayak: A Chinese coin and half dollar are shown. Coins change places three times. Chinese coin vanishes and is trapped in the knots of a rope. Chinese coin is sliced in two. Finally, one coin changes to jumbo coin with aid of a magnifying glass.
91 Pom Pom Cups: Pom poms penetrate through single, double, and triple cups. At the end, three large balls are revealed. Uses three pairs of different colored pom poms, three standard cups, three load items, and a Devil's hank or some other vanish of three objects.
96 Con-Fusion: Two pieces of rope shown, one long and one short. The two ropes become the same length, then blend into one piece. A knot is then magically tied without letting go of the ends.
98 On and Off: A routine with a rope and two 5" rings. Three effects - a knot penetration, an almost visible melt through, and a chosen ring penetrates the rope.
101 Double Match: Cards with holes in center are shown and placed on table. Three large clips and an envelope with a prediction shown. Spectator chooses color clip and card, the clip is placed on the card. Envelope with prediction opened to reveal matching card with matching color clip.
103 Black Hole Magic: Four aces vanish and reappear beneath a felt black hole.
105 Never Ending Story: Twenty cards taken from deck, two are selected. Magician deals cards to table as directed by spectator. All red and black are separated except two which are the selected cards.
107 Spot Card: A spectator selects a card and writes his or her name on a piece of paper. Cards are shown in groups of 4, and spectator stops performer when he has 4 cards containing selection. Cards are seen on both sides. Performer asks spectator to sign his name on the paper, but the ink is dry. The selected card is turned over and has the ink splotch.
108 Odyssey: A coin and card routine where a coin appears and changes between the cards.
114 Incubus: Three ropes of equal length are shown. Suddenly the ropes become unequal, and then equal once again.
118 Hurricane: A rope sequence that needs no replacements. A length of rope is cut into two with the fingers. A third piece is added, resulting in s short, medium and long rope. Then the ropes become the same length. The three ropes blend into one. The ends are counted, and there are four - the rope has become two. The ropes are knotted, the knots are pulled away, and the rope blends into one.
122 Desperado: Four jacks shown. Two placed aside, one card is selected from the deck: an ace. Two of the jokers become aces, and the fourth ace is sandwiched between the other two jokers.
123 The Boss: Four kings are placed on the table to the left and three indifferent cards to the right. One after another, the cards change places. Then the three kings are alternated with the three indifferent cards but they separate, just like oil and water.

127 Appendix A
127 Elmsley Count
128 Flustration Count
129 Biddle Grip/Count
131 Spirit Count
132 Ascanio Spread
133 Braue Reversal
133 Olram Subtlety
134 Buckle Count
136 Jordan Count
137 Cross Force
137 Dingle/Schneider Pick Up Move (coin)
138 Down/Under shuffle
138 Mexican Turnover
139 Braue Add-On
139 Slip Cut
139 Illogical Double Lift
140 Daleys Deceit Move
140 Han Ping Chien (coin)
141 Double Undercut
141 Cato Move
142 Reverse Faro (Zig Zag Shuffle)
142 Click Pass (coin)
143 Kick Move (Larry Jennings - coin)
144 Rainbow Deck (description)
144 Classic Palm (coin)
145 Tent Vanish.