Chris Congreave: Congreave's Curiosities
Congreave, Chris: Congreave's Curiosities
©2017 Chris Congreave, Magicseen Magazine
Softcover, 116
ISBN No. 978-0-9566539-6-3
Chris Congreave: Congreave's Curiosities
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Comments: Edited by Mark Leveridge.


3 Foreword (Gary Jones)
7 Introduction (Chris Congreave)
9 4 Ace Production: from an arranged deck
11 The Laughing Count: packet switch from top of deck
13 LOL Count: variation
14 Pocket Interchange: packet or full deck effect using the LOL Count
16 Marked Deck: comedy marked deck routine with a solid deck climax
20 Tin Opener: Jumbo coin and card routine using a hinged tin box
22 Signed Card To Tin: follow on routine
24 Shell Move: bold un-nesting move for coin shell
25 Fire Coins: coin production and vanish
28 Hopping Halves Plus: a finish for your hopping halves routine
30 Coins Across: walk around coin routine, uses a gimmick
35 Joke Box: alternate ending for Pick Pocket routine on page 115
36 Joker Surprise: comedy card revelation
37 Packed Wallet: comedy variation of Lovell's card to wallet
39 Chop Cup: commercial Chop cup routine with two loads
42 Childsplay: two photos of children display a selected card and another a thought of card
45 Childsplay My Way: slimmed down variation
46 Childsplay With A Regular Deck: thought of card is revealed by a drawing on back of photo
48 Childsplay Redux With No Playing Cards: using an imaginary card
50 Kolossal Kids: spectator names any card and magician instantly produced his child's prediction
51 Surprise Sandwich: sandwich card effect
54 Flukes: essay, taking advantage of spectator coincidences
56 Commercial Comedy Poker Deal: based on Paul Gordon's Head to Head Poker.
59 Free Phone: impromptu mobile phone prediction routine
60 Photos: B&W performance photos of Chris in action
63 Happy Birthday: child's card selection appears at end of Happy Birthday song
65 Card To Matchbox: selection appears inside a previously empty matchbox
68 Blackjack Or Cheating: selected card transposition with a Blackjack winning hand
71 Pick Me!: audience names any card, and it says Pick Me on the back, while all others say Don't Pick Me.
73 You’ve Got To Be Joking: Joker routine with some DF cards
75 Signed Card Routine: using an Omni Deck, loading wallet, and a card to impossible location prop
78 Diminished Most Likely: comedy card revelation - each indicator card becomes the selection temporarily
81 Signature Trick: signature appears on card cut to
83 DICEption: dice roll leads to card with proper prediction
88 Some Thoughts On Professional Close Up Magic
88 - Approaching a Table
89 - Full Circle
89 - The Food Arrives
89 - How Much is Enough?
90 - Holding a Table
90 - Restaurants
90 - Leaving the Group
92 One Voice: essay on staying hydrated
94 The Joker Has It: joker and signed selection transposition
99 3 Fly: three coins pass hand to hand, uses gimmick
105 Bill Switch To Purse: two different value bills transpose in a coin purse
106 Cards To Pocket: Ace, 2, 3, and 4 are signed, vanish one-by-one and are found in performer's pocket
108 Copper Silver Brass: using standard set and starts and ends clean
111 Knife Routine: color changing knives routine using two knives.
114 No Palm Card To Pocket: using a Zippo style lighter, blank card, deck and a marker
115 Pick Pocket: Two Aces in the card box in spectator's pocket transpose with selection