Doug Conn & Jon Racherbaumer: Conn-Fidential
Conn, Doug & Jon Racherbaumer: Conn-fidential
©1996 Doug Conn
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 31 pages
Doug Conn: Conn-Fidential
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Contents (from book):

2 Chameleon Sandwich: sandwich effect with a color changing pack
4 Peace: three similar cards morph into the selection
6 As the World Turns: a Curry Out of This World variation using three spectators
7 Coincidice: coin and dice effect - relies on Pinkie Count and Pass
8 Four-tunate Dice: Four King production using four rolls of the dice
9 Die-namite: impromptu production of selected cards using dice
10 Conn-Fusion: two selections become fused together
13 Tic-Tac Turnover: a flourish for revealing a card
13 Invisible 21 Card Trick: magician names selection from three piles even though selection is in spectator's pocket
15 Flush Brush: The Aces and Royal Flushes produced in a painting theme
17 Copper Solver: English Penny, American half and a coin purse; uses a C/S coin
20 Neck Tied Dollar: a coin move using a tie
21 Particle Press: magician presses particles together to create a coin - uses just one coin
23 Three Bits: three coins vanish and reappear, using a coin purse
24 Four Lumps: coins to glass using a coffee mug, coin purse, and five coins
27 Smoke - Gets in Your Eyes: a cigarette is poked into the eye and removed from the mouth
28 Silk & Purse Frame: silk produced from a purse frame
29 Switchblades: a four knife color changing knives routine; uses white, black, and two color changing w/b and w/red knives