Conn, Doug: Conn-Juring Notes
2004 Doug Conn
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 41 Pages

Was also available as an eBook from Doug Conn
              Conn: Conn-Juring
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Comments: Prestidigitation, Legerdemain, & Other Unique Entertainments. Graphics are a bit low res and in B&W, but are sufficient for instruction. Recommended!


4 Preface, Introduction & Dedication
5 Flush Brush: Deck is split into four piles, face up and face down. The two left piles are shuffled together, and the two right piles are shuffled together (face up mix with face down), and then all are shuffled together. The cards are used as a paintbrush, and 'paint' a royal flush
10 After-Afterburn: your business card is removed from a wallet and bursts into flames, but is then found whole
12 Joints: Three coins vanish and are produced at the Elbow, Knee, and Neck. No gimmicks.
15 Coin Spectacle: Three coins travel to the Elbow, Knee, and Neck, and is repeated. (uses a shell)
18 Plausible Presentations: Essay. Magic can have more impact if there is a plausible explanation. Explores some approaches.
21 One: a one coin flurry routine (also uses a purse frame). Provides additional flurry ideas and a bibliography of additional resources.
26 Rab-Bit: a quick sponge routine with two small rabbits
27 This Little Pinky: A short dissertation on the Pinky Count.
27 C(o)u(n)t(t)ing the Aces: magician cuts to the Aces (uses Pinky Count)
28 Spelling the Aces: Pinky Count
29 Open Index: final Pinky Count idea
30 Dante's Sandwich: Jokers capture the selection, the selection vanishes, and an original prediction card becomes the selection
34 As the World Re-Turns: Yet another variation on Paul Curry's Out of this World, this one with two spectators
37 Yates' Four-Object Divination: plots and procedures for this mathematic determination of which of four objects was chosen. Ideas include using people as objects, people passing an object around, and more.