Connor R. Brooks, Jr.: The McAbee Rings
Connor, R. Brooks, Jr.: The McAbee Rings
©2001 Magikraft Studios
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 12 pages
              Brooks Connor, Jr.: The McAbee Rings
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Comments: "By kind permission of Carl Heck". Artwork by Ken Tayor. From the intro, "Created in 1972 by Ralph McAbee, R. Brooks Connor, Jr., and Carl Heck, the McAbee Rings is considered one of the finest close up linking ring routines ever."


1 Introduction
1 Apparatus
1 Routine Seated at the Table
3 Spectator Links the Rings
3 Spectator Unlinks the Rings
4 Melt Link
4 Baffling Hit Link
6 Interlocked Perplexion
6 Interlocked-Unlocked and No Key to the Mystery Switch
9 Pseudo Psych-Em
11 Standing Stumper: if you are performing standing
12 Additional Moves by Martin Lewis